It was a long couple of months getting there and a long week onsite. I had not felt this excited about a collaboration since Private Space in 2008. It was the perfect mix of performing artist friends and new VJ’s added to the mix. I’m most proud of the screen set up that I rock out. Our stage featured visual from VJ’s such as Pineapsys, VJ Synaesthesia, Andrew Smith, Fred Knack, Josh Fitz, Drew Ensly, Creature Channel, Galactic Chimp-Monk and Me. The setup allowed any VJ to simply plug in and be video mapped to the hexagonal sculpture immediately. This also kept the down time to a minimum on this screen. A minimum as in there were only 20 minutes without visuals in 4 nights due to a power error.

But as past posts have shown I was in it for much more then just visuals on this one. I’m forever grateful for having an amazing friend in Sasha De Anda who helped me fabricate the seating pods for the area. Also this would not have been possible without the modeling skills of Tom Weiss. Lastly none of this would have been possible without my amazing employer Acme Scenic & Display. Special thanks to Michael and Narayani for having me on their TEAM!

The design consisted of difficult geometry. The compound miters were of a difficulty level that I did not trust a human to do it by hand. In realizing this I got ahold of Tom Weiss for some help making a solid model of the Pod. With this model we were able to employee a tube laser to cut all of the vertical support structure for the pods. While those supports were being cut at an outside vendor Sasha and I were making all of the horizontal Hexagon structures. By the time the vertical structures were off the laser we were ready to weld on the flange plates and complete the structures.

The Pods were completed to the 90% range or so for WTF and looked even better at North West String Summit a month later. This is an evolving project and will have a couple of different forms and functions over the life of their use. Check out the video and images of the zone below. Also a low key Video that is available HERE!

IMG_6808SMALL IMG_6356Small



I had the pleasure of working on an art project with my friend and colleague Jean Margret Thomas during the Spring. Jean Margret is a lighting designer and I helped her with the computing side of this project.

I recently put up this instructable on how to turn a Raspberry Pi into a DMX Controller.

Flame purple redFlame yellow orangeFlame yellow pink red

I’m preparing a good post for the Starlight Grove buildout with Ghost Stag. In the meantime check out this mix that I did a visual set to Monday Morning around 3 AM.

01 0:00 Jessey Zepeda – Sound Design 1
02 4:13 Amon Tobin – Deo
03 10:53 Bonobo – Recurring
04 15:51 Max Cooper – Adrift (feat. Kathrin deBoer)
05 22:54 Yahtzel – Girls
06 26:44 Woven – Steady
07 28:54 Blacklist Muzik – Delerium
08 34:16 Jessey Zepeda – Controller
09 40:15 Signal Path – Souls Unswayed
10 43:41 MMOTHS – For Her (Max Cooper Remix)
11 51:15 Jessey Zepeda – Out of Your Self
12 55:09 Seinabo Sey – Hard Time (Diamond Saints Remix)
13 58:39 Bass Science – Drown Out
14 102:54 Phutureprimative – Luminous (feat Alyssa Palmer)
15 108:53 Deftones – U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, Select, Start
16 113:02 Miles_Guru – Xenon

Here is a video from a super cool project I was asked to be a part of back in the spring. I produced the video and provided Artist support for Pamela Campagna on this project.

I have been hard at work for the last three months in collaborative design with Ghost Stag Productions creating a late night chill zone at What The Festival called Starlight Grove. As well as taking on the Technical Direction of the VJ experience and performance for the Starlight Grove, I have also been working in the metal shop completing the seating areas with the awesome and talented Sasha De Anda. Props to Acme Scenic & Display for the use of shop space and welding equipment!

Read about Starlight Grove on the What The Festival Web Page

More info available at Ghost Stag Too!

Slowmo Welding from Jessey Zepeda on Vimeo.



Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 8.42.07 AM

2014 was a busy year that fruit many exciting projects, memories and new friends. From Augmented Reality to building transparent LCD displays 2014 pushed the boundaries of technology offerings.

The first tech project of the year involved setting up a 2 channel video display on 4 screens 7680×1080 and is recapped in detail HERE.

This project was followed by a great road trip to Utah and a video mapping installation at defunked Light Bar w/Solovox cranking out the tunes. Shortly there after Meso Touch was selected for installation at What the Festival and a commission to build these transparent TV product displays arose (right photo.)


There should be better documentation of the Meso Touch installation out soon as part of the WTF 2014 recap video.

The rest of the summer was spent doing a couple large scale build outs that can not be documented in picture due to the sensitivity of the information presented. We came out of the summer blazing with a pitch for an augmented reality campaign that was accepted and executed November 19th-22nd in Las Vegas, NV. This was the third time the year found me in Las Vegas and it proved to be an excellent and successful endeavor. Read about the collaboration between Acme Scenic & Display and Lumenal Code HERE.


Here is a video recap to show some of these projects in action.

Moments in Video 2014 from Jessey Zepeda on Vimeo.

Meso Touch @ What The Festival from Jessey Zepeda on Vimeo.


Take a moment to consider what would happen if the “Stealth Bomber & Tetris Copulate.”






Found out that I have an installation that got accepted into WTF. looking forward to bringing out some cool art and hanging out with some good friends and making new ones. Come find me down in the Illuminated Forest and play with meso touch.

Project proposal


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