I’m preparing a good post for the Starlight Grove buildout with Ghost Stag. In the meantime check out this mix that I did a visual set to Monday Morning around 3 AM.

01 0:00 Jessey Zepeda – Sound Design 1
02 4:13 Amon Tobin – Deo
03 10:53 Bonobo – Recurring
04 15:51 Max Cooper – Adrift (feat. Kathrin deBoer)
05 22:54 Yahtzel – Girls
06 26:44 Woven – Steady
07 28:54 Blacklist Muzik – Delerium
08 34:16 Jessey Zepeda – Controller
09 40:15 Signal Path – Souls Unswayed
10 43:41 MMOTHS – For Her (Max Cooper Remix)
11 51:15 Jessey Zepeda – Out of Your Self
12 55:09 Seinabo Sey – Hard Time (Diamond Saints Remix)
13 58:39 Bass Science – Drown Out
14 102:54 Phutureprimative – Luminous (feat Alyssa Palmer)
15 108:53 Deftones – U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, Select, Start
16 113:02 Miles_Guru – Xenon

I have been hard at work for the last three months in collaborative design with Ghost Stag Productions creating a late night chill zone at What The Festival called Starlight Grove. As well as taking on the Technical Direction of the VJ experience and performance for the Starlight Grove, I have also been working in the metal shop completing the seating areas with the awesome and talented Sasha De Anda. Props to Acme Scenic & Display for the use of shop space and welding equipment!

Read about Starlight Grove on the What The Festival Web Page

More info available at Ghost Stag Too!

Slowmo Welding from Jessey Zepeda on Vimeo.



Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 8.42.07 AM

2014 was a busy year that fruit many exciting projects, memories and new friends. From Augmented Reality to building transparent LCD displays 2014 pushed the boundaries of technology offerings.

The first tech project of the year involved setting up a 2 channel video display on 4 screens 7680×1080 and is recapped in detail HERE.

This project was followed by a great road trip to Utah and a video mapping installation at defunked Light Bar w/Solovox cranking out the tunes. Shortly there after Meso Touch was selected for installation at What the Festival and a commission to build these transparent TV product displays arose (right photo.)


There should be better documentation of the Meso Touch installation out soon as part of the WTF 2014 recap video.

The rest of the summer was spent doing a couple large scale build outs that can not be documented in picture due to the sensitivity of the information presented. We came out of the summer blazing with a pitch for an augmented reality campaign that was accepted and executed November 19th-22nd in Las Vegas, NV. This was the third time the year found me in Las Vegas and it proved to be an excellent and successful endeavor. Read about the collaboration between Acme Scenic & Display and Lumenal Code HERE.


Here is a video recap to show some of these projects in action.

Moments in Video 2014 from Jessey Zepeda on Vimeo.

Meso Touch @ What The Festival from Jessey Zepeda on Vimeo.


Take a moment to consider what would happen if the “Stealth Bomber & Tetris Copulate.”






Found out that I have an installation that got accepted into WTF. looking forward to bringing out some cool art and hanging out with some good friends and making new ones. Come find me down in the Illuminated Forest and play with meso touch.

Project proposal


The Polish Ambassador show last night was off the hook. Eugene people have great vibes always! I want to throw out a video from What The Festival 2013 of TPA’s Wildlight side kick Ayla Nereo. They did a Wildlight remix of this track last night. Keep your eyes out for that track to drop, possibly on the TPA’s new album This month? Not to mention Liminus, master VJ that was thrilling our eyes the whole evening!

I wrapped up a 4 screen video loop for Acme Scenic & Display’s outreach space at Global Shop.

The content is viewed as a single 4×1 7680×1080 video presentation on 4 Samsung 46″ 7100 series TV’s. For the audio and video playback we used our custom built show computer (see specs below) running Arkaos Media Master 3.2. There was a bit of a work flow to figure out, but two main components in the setup made this possible.

1)AMD’s Eyefinity Technology
2) Arkaos Media Master’s Video Mapper application

Above is a pic where the desktop displayed my work “Where Good and Evil Begin.

The video output engine worked by using the show computer’s Saphire HD 7950 video card that harnesses AMD’s Eyefinity technology allowing Displayport (DP) and Mini Displayport (MDP) outputs to send up to 3 1920×1080 video streams. In order to tap into the Eyefinity technology you have to use a multi stream transport hub (MST) to split out the video data. I used the Club 3d MST Hub to accomplish this. It was not my first choice because the Saphire HD 7950 does not have native DP outputs. There are other products that are easy to find out about but are not readily available on the market that operate as MDP MST 1×3 for which this show computer has two MDP outputs but was not able to take advantage of.

That got a little technical, if you followed it, applause, but here is the basic translation in terms of all of the adapters and dongles it took to make this happen.

Saphire HD 7950-> MDP-DP adapter-> Club 3d DP MST 1×3-> x3 DP-HDMI adapter-> 3 50′ HDMI Cable-> Samsung 46″ 7100 series tv. The 4th video stream was executed Saphire HD 7950-> 50′ HDMI-> Samsung 46″ 7100 Series TV.

This was by no means efficient it is in fact wonky. But until manufacturers of MDP MST 1×3 modules keep up with market demands this will have to suffice or you can make sure to get AMD Eyefinity licensed video cards that has DP not MDP outputs.

The video loop was 3 min 17 seconds or so and the content was rendered out as 2 h.264 videos of resolution 3850×1080. All of the content was created in Adobe Premiere for playback in Arkaos Media Master. This did make for a bit of a challenge editing two 3840×1080 videos simultaneously, it was by no means insurmountable. In the video mapper application of Arkaos I created a canvas of 7960×1080 and simply used the crop panel to start the second video at pixel 3841. The content included video interviews and client testimonial shot with my JVC Everio GZ HD-7, Gopro Black Hero 3+ 4000×3000 timelapse of a live event where an Audi R8 and a Porsche 911 Carrera 4s were put on a custom skirted aluminum stage that simulated the rivets manufacturing of ww2 war planes and other photo’s from the general Acme archives of live event’s, play and opera sets, custom interiors, seating/furniture and retail environments.

a pause for some bling action

I head down to Las Vegas Tomorrow to set up Acme’s out reach space. This post will be updated with content from the event over the next couple of days as will the Acme Scenic & Display Blog.

Show Computer Specs
Intel Core i7-3770 “Ivy Bridge” Quad-Core CPU w/ Hyper-Threading @3.4GHz w/ 3.9GHz Turbo Boost – 8 Threads
Gigabyte Intel Z77 Intel Chipset Motherboard w/ USB 2.0/3.0, Dual Thunderbolt, SATA 6.0Gbps, E-SATA, BT/WiFi, FW400, 8 Channel Audio, etc.
Corsair 16GB DDR3-1600 RAM
Sapphire AMD Radeon HD7950 GPU w/ 3GB Graphics RAM – 4 Outputs
2x Intel 330 Series 240GB SSD – System Drive & Media Drive
Cooler Master 690 II Mid-Tower Case w/ E-SATA Dock
Corsair 650W PSU
Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

Super stoked for the fall to finally be here. It has been a crazy busy summer and have not stood still long enough to settle into the new apartment I moved in July. I got a bar and book shelf to build and this will clear up my floor space to get my music and video gear in order to create, create create.

Just closed out the summer with the 10th annual Decibel Festival. There were some good times and some crazy times. In the end all seems to have worked out for the best and I can not wait for next years festivities. Feeling real good about the Visuals I did Thursday night for Neon Indian. The feedback was great and appears to be leading to more performances. The highlight of the festival was the visuals by Scott Pagano to the tunes of Speedy J. They joined Max Cooper for an amazing after hours line up at Q. From the conference to the Optical showcases to all of the amazing line ups after hours and boat parties Decibel offers the most unique festival experience you could ask for.

This Friday the October 4th I’ll be performing visuals at Refuge for the Tim Green show with Art of Hot, A Perfect Cyn and Anna Langley. Will see what goes down, hear there are an unlimited amount of projectors to accompany the performance. Come check it out!

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